Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Food Safety

Remember the saying that health is wealth? The following are helpful against diseases from food: 
  • All water used in food preparation should be wholesome.
  • Regular wash of hands is advisable.Also ingredients for the food preparation should undergo several washing stages, (the use of warm water is very good)
  • All dishes and cooking utensils must be kept clean by regular washing in clean water. And clean utensils should be kept covered.
  • All surfaces that come into contact with food should be meticulously clean 
  • Food storage, preparation and serving areas should be free of pets, rats, mice and insects.
  • Food should be covered, and kept separate from chemicals and poisons (which should be clearly labelled).
  • Cloths that come into contact with dishes and utensils, and that are used to cover food, need to be changed daily and boiled before use.

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