Thursday, 1 December 2016


Most likely question about MMM.
One pertinent question people always ask is *“How does MMM make their own money? Since they don’t touch participants’ money, how then do they make money to, at least, maintain their web presence? etc”*
The answer is simple. *GOOGLE PAYS MMM*
But then, the internet-savvy guys amongst us will ask, *“But MMM doesn’t advertise Google products on their website, how then is it possible?”*

MMM leverages on Google products for almost all of its campaigns and awareness, and Google appreciate them handsomely for that. Let me itemize:
MMM exclusively uses Google forms to capture the details of applicants for positions in the community, such as Guiders, consultants, promoters, advertisers etc.
A staggering number of prospective guiders are trained every month across the various countries MMM is in, and they make use of almost only Google products to execute their tasks, such as Google sheets, Google slides, Google docs etc.
They kind of help Google increase the repertoire of information they can present to its users/searchers
This is, perhaps, the most significant source of income for MMM
*YOUTUBE! (owned by Google)*
If you already have an account with MMM, kindly go to the News section of your account. You should notice that MMM recommends, on the average, 4 Community Development Tasks for its participants. And at least one of these tasks requires creating an awareness video. Imagine just one fourth of the over 2million participants in Nigeria alone (not considering other countries oo) executing this task!!??
That’s not all oo..
Participants are financially incentivized when they create nice video testimonials about MMM after Gotten Helped.

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Now, what does MMM do with all these videos? They upload it on YouTube. You will definitely agree with me that Youtube is awash with videos about MMM. And what does Youtube do with them? They monetize it!
What does that mean? YouTube knows that MMM, being the rave of the moment will attract lots of viewers to its related videos. So they seize the opportunity to place ads in these videos so people can see them as they watch the video. So, advertisers pay YouTube for showcasing their adverts, and YouTube shares the profits with MMM.
It is these profits that are used to foot the financial implications of running MMM.
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