Thursday, 21 April 2016


Born with a rare condition which makes her have two vaginas, two cervices and two wombs, 31-year-old Faye Wilkins, has in what was described as a miracle given birth to two children each housed in separate wombs.
Faye Wilkins, who had suffered six miscarriages earlier was warned by doctors about the possibility that she may never get pregnant due to her rare case of uterus didelphys.
After giving birth to the two healthy babies who are now 7 and 2 years of age, the mother of two said: “At the age of 14 I couldn’t believe it when doctors told me I was born with two vaginas, two cervixes and two wombs.

“I was in complete shock as I’d never noticed the condition before as the differences were only internal.
“All my friends had started their periods but I was only suffering from stomach cramps but nothing else.
“As the pain got worse my mum, Polly, took me to the doctors thinking I had an ovarian cyst because a lump had formed but no-one would scan me.
“At least eight months later and after multiple visits to my GP, my uterus ruptured when I went to the toilet and I heard a huge pop and knew something inside me had exploded.

“I was in agony, there was so much blood and I rushed to hospital where doctors examined me and finally diagnosed me with UD.
“The condition had caused a blockage and my menstrual blood to build up, which had reached 12cm in size.
“Within two months I had surgery to make my two vaginas into one to prevent my uterus rupturing again.

“I was warned after my diagnosis that it would be difficult to conceive due to reproductive organs being half the size they should be, making implantation harder.
“Thankfully though I have my two little miracles now and I’m just so pleased they were born healthy.” She added.

When God is on your case, every other work for good!

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