Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Popular Nollywood Yoruba actor, Mercy Aigbe, was arrested today in Osogbo, by heavily armed policemen at the Olaiya Junction area of the Osun State capital.
The policemen were said to have fired three gunshots into the air before whisking the actress and her brother, who drove her in a Honda Accord car  away to an unknown place. The shots were fired to pave way for them from her huge fans.

Information gathered was that the policemen were on a stop-and-search mission when they saw a police cap on the dashboard of Mercy Aigbe’s car.
Another source said the police arrested the actor’s brother because he dressed like a ‘yahoo boy.’
The actress was  reportedly blocked at the popular Olaiya Junction by a police patrol van which had been trailing her car from Okefia area.
Angered by the effrontery of the police to block her, the actress was said to have flared up and insulted the policemen, who seized her mobile phone but later returned it to her.
The actress, whose husband is said to be a police officer, reportedly called him and he pleaded with the policemen to release her.
But the actress was said to have spoken harshly to the policemen and this reportedly annoyed them.

The altercation between her and the policemen attracted a huge crowd of people, some of whom wanted to beat up the policemen.
The policemen called for reinforcement to prevent the crowd from attacking them.
One of the eyewitness said at the scene that the police team which arrested her was in search of ‘yahoo boys’ and the look of a young man, who drove the actress attracted their attention as well as the police cap in the car.
The eyewitness, who identified himself as Adedeji said, “When the policemen got to the junction, they went to the parked car and ordered the driver to roll down the window of the car because it was tinted and they could not  identify those in the car.
“Immediately the driver rolled the glasses down Mercy Aigbe rushed out of the car to confront the policemen.  They eventually took her and the boy who drove away.”
The actress’ brother was pushed into the back of the parol van, she was allowed to remain in her car which was driven away by a policeman.
The Acting Police Public Relations Officer in Osun State, Mr. Ajibade Egbedele, when contacted on the telephone said he had no information on the arrest.
“There is no information to that on my table. I will find out and call you back.”
He said he would find out and call back but he was yet to do so as at the time of filing this report.

Source: Punchng


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