Thursday, 21 July 2016


Banky W (Bankole Wellington) can be described as the most eligible bachelor in the entertainment industry. He has the looks to attract any lady, well spoken, the finances and the career that would make him a catch for any lady, yet he is unmarried and he’s tired of having everyone reminding him.

On Snapchat, the crooner claimed that he has been receiving a lot of proposals online from ladies who say he is their husband and so on. He said that this was a lie as God hadn’t revealed it to him.
He said; “If God tells you that somebody is your husband or wife, then let God tell that person too. Don’t be the person to speak for God, let God speak for himself. Recently I’ve been getting of lot of people saying “God said You’re my husband, God said I’m your wife”.. It’s a lie. Because God told me nothing about you. God needs to tell me himself.”
He also added: “Also can we please chill/stop with the marriage shaming? Can we stop with the pressure on people. It’s enough, abeg. Single People – The same people who are putting pressure on you to marry will be the same talking about you and mocking you if the marriage does not work out. Don’t rush for anybody. Do it at the right time for you with the right person for you and everything will hopefully work out, by God’s grace.”

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