Friday, 1 July 2016


According to : The Senior Special Assistant to the governor of Lagos state on Sports, Anthony Adeboye narrowly escaped death when some armed men stormed his Surulere residence in Lagos, in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

It was reported that two of his domestic staffs and the security guard were injured as the robbers used their machetes to cut their bodies, which left them with serious injury.
The robbers, who were five in number, jumped over the fence to gain access into his residence before breaking into two of the flats in the building.

Adeboye was preparing to visit his family in Paris, France before the incidence happen in the wee hour of Wednesday.
Adeboye stated :

 “They came in around 3am and spent about 45 minutes in the compound. It was a gory tale and I am still praying to God to preserve the lives of those who were injured. I lost my 10 year-old daughter about three months ago and now, armed robbers came to attack me”
 “I thank God that the attack was not beyond that, one of them broke his leg in the course of trying to escape; but I am particularly grateful because we didn’t lose anyone in the process,”
The armed robbers raided the whole house and took some valuables in the process, but no case of death was recorded in the attack.

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