Friday, 7 October 2016


An evil man who strangled a prostitute to death after having sex with her has been captured by the police.

Toni Jax Ncube from Bindura of Zimbabwe has been arrested by the police after he allegedly murdered a prostitute and dumped her on the road. It was gathered that the two had engaged in an argument after Ncube refused to pay her accusing her of stealing his money.

According to Bulawayo24, the police while giving details of the encounter said that on the 4th of October 2016 at around 02:00 am, while at Chipadze business Centre, Bindura, the accused hired the now deceased sex worker Faith Arimandi, aged 22, also from Bindura.
Ncube then reportedly hired a taxi and took Arimandi to his house where they spent the night together.
The following morning Ncube apparently discovered that his money, amounting to US$60, was missing and accused Arimandi resulting in a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding ensued resulting in Ncube strangling Arimandi until she died.
After that, he took her body and dumped it along a dusty road. He has since confessed to the crime.
He also led to the recovery of the deceased Sumsung cellphone which he had already sold to 18-year-old Brendon Dickson of Chipindura park Bindura.

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